Ceramic Coating Prices

Ceramic coating, thermal barrier coating, heat transfer coating and dry film lubrication coating are ideal for items that reach up to 2000 degrees and always recommended on high heat items such as exhaust manifolds, headers and turbo housings.

All prices are estimates only and pricing will depend on the amount of prep work involved.

Due to the variations in parts, coating prices are only estimates.  If the price needs to be modified, the customer will be notified for an approval.

All parts must be fully disassembled and clean or additional charges will apply. 

Turnaround times are normally 3-5 days.

Sorry we do not offer a rush jobs.  It is 100% first come first serve, we believe this is the only fair way to keep everyone happy.

V8 Long Tube Headers - $250.00
V8 Short Tube Headers - $225.00
V8 Cast Exhaust Manifolds - $160.00
V6 Long Tube Headers - $225.00
6 cyl. 1 Piece Long Tube Header - $150.00
V6 Cast Exhaust Manifolds - $120.00
4 cyl. Long Tube Header - $125.00
4 cyl. Short Tubular Header - $100.00
4 cyl. Cast Exhaust Manifold - $80.00
Muffler - $50.00
Turbo Housing - $65.00
O2 Housing/Turbo Outlet - $60.00
Heat Shield - $40.00
Exhaust Piping - $14.00 per foot up to 2"
Exhaust Piping - $16.00 per foot 2"-3"
Exhaust Piping - $18.00 per foot 3"-4"
Exhaust Piping - $22.00 per foot 4"-5"
Each piece must be disassembled or additional charges will apply.

Please contact us if you do not see an item listed that you would like coated.